Over the years we have been passionate about twitter platform and the potential it has. Although as primary developer I don’t tweet much bit still spend lot of time reading and following people across locations, political opinions, technologies etc.
There are times when you are traveling, are at work when you stumble upon a tweet with a video link you cannot play, an article you want to read in peace etc. So what do you do?
-> Fav it? (Still not comfortable with using like) The fav system cannot be sorted, looked up quickly? -> Organize or add it to list from Tweet Deck? (Too crappy and too much effort)
Hence the solution or the Bot which would do it for you. Just tweet to the Bot with #List (Followed by list name) and it will do it for you.
Also it handles #Unsplash tags. Tweet to it with #Unsplash (Followed by optional Category name) and it will reply with a random pic. πŸ™‚
Checkout:Β Twitter Bot UI

  • List: Just reply to a Tweet and Quote it with #List adding @cubestackbot in the reply/mention, adds the quoted or replied tweet to list with the name. Example: This tweet adds the replied tweet to a list Named Awesome. A list name cannot have spaces and will be ignored by the Bot. Example:

  • Unsplash: Will reply your tweet with a Random unsplash Image. If you want particular category, use this hash tag with category name. (Example #Unsplash nature)
  • Help: Will tweet the details of the Hash Tags identified.
  • Working on many others, suggestions welcome.

We are open source:Β 
Check the sources below:


    • Add to new List

  • Unsplash for Category (Nature example):

  • Unsplash Random:

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