More Services!

Why services are needed One of two main reasons:  You have multiple independent teams so the idea is to separate services to make independent progress and less alignment / communication / blockers. One of the components in the application has very different / higher scaling requirements than others, which makes Read more…

Thoughts on Software

Simplicity Focus on simplicity; be it – deployments, process, design, apis or people.  First Principles The simplest explanation is usually the correct one — Ockham’s razor. Focus on quality not speed; quality code is easier to maintain and extend. Don’t break what ain’t broken. Don’t break what you cannot fix. Read more…

Reinventing the wheels

As per Wiki’s deleted (Yeah! I found below content from Google’s cache) article on this
“Reinventing the wheel is a phrase that means to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others..”
Lets get back a couple of steps, when development of software begins, it usually starts with a prototype, and when things start getting complex the development team starts taking out common code and create frameworks around it. These frameworks are then used / improved by the developers.
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