Introducing Storm, easy and quick way to access Android SQLite

What is it?

A small, FAST and easy to use Java ORM solution for Android SQLite database. Currently being used across projects from Enterprise to Open Source. The framework is made with intention to not only be easy to setup and use but to be able to appreciate even after using for moths (Long term Goal)

Why? Another ORM Project

Storm was created with intention to be easy to use ORM solution for Android platform. While working for a corporate client we realised that the available tools either expect too much to be done manually, or are super-complicated or just want entities to extend their own.
The target was to have something which is easy to use, super-fast,convenient and does not asks you to write all queries, updates, creates or even to extend their models.

Where do I find it?

Storm is released as a Open Source project under GNU License. The source can be fetched from GitHub here.

What’s Next?

I will be publishing a series of articles on the motivations for a new ORM framework, hacks and other stuff around Storm. The name storm was in mind for a similar framework when I first started developing Android but could not publish the Framework due to professional commitments. Since then, a lot of SQLite frameworks have come and even Apache has Storm as a top level project, but nothing that would make me feel comfortable with SQLite on Android.
This is only a start on series, watch this space for more.

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