Reinventing the wheels

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As per Wiki’s deleted (Yeah! I found below content from Google’s cache) article on this “Reinventing the wheel is a phrase that means to duplicate a basic method that has already previously been created or optimized by others..” Lets get back a couple of steps, when development of software begins, it usually starts with a […]

Getting Started with MongoDB and NodeJS

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Before we kick start Node application lets start by creating a MongoDB database and credentials. Though creating database, could have been achieved by using Node, but that would not provide us with user & password. And I believe no one would want their database to be accessible to everyone. 😀 I hope you have got […]

Your First NodeJs Application

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If you are looking for a “Hello World!” example, I am sorry, you have landed to a wrong page, for hello World, your best bet is the Nodejs site. Lets just have a brief discussion on what Node (Developers kinda like this name than Nodejs) really is. Node is a platform based on Google’s high […]

Understanding Byte Code in Java

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[Q] So, what is Java Bytecode ? [A] Bytecode is the heart of Java portability. Each Java program you write is first converted to a .class file (bytecode), which is then interpreted by Java interpreter. Few days before I came to an interesting post, which provided a sample code in Java byte code format. Interestingly […]

Creating a custom View Resolver in Spring MVC

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Spring being one of the most customizable framework, provides an ability to plug in a custom view resolver. Assume if the web application uses a particular JSP for festive time, having links or logic for some offers while other is vanila JSP page rendering response. I will demonstrate you how to achieve smooth transition in […]