Getting Started with MongoDB and NodeJS

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Before we kick start Node application lets start by creating a MongoDB database and credentials. Though creating database, could have been achieved by using Node, but that would not provide us with user & password. And I believe no one would want their database to be accessible to everyone. 😀 I hope you have got […]

Your First NodeJs Application

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If you are looking for a “Hello World!” example, I am sorry, you have landed to a wrong page, for hello World, your best bet is the Nodejs site. Lets just have a brief discussion on what Node (Developers kinda like this name than Nodejs) really is. Node is a platform based on Google’s high […]

Understanding Byte Code in Java

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[Q] So, what is Java Bytecode ? [A] Bytecode is the heart of Java portability. Each Java program you write is first converted to a .class file (bytecode), which is then interpreted by Java interpreter. Few days before I came to an interesting post, which provided a sample code in Java byte code format. Interestingly […]

Creating a custom View Resolver in Spring MVC

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Spring being one of the most customizable framework, provides an ability to plug in a custom view resolver. Assume if the web application uses a particular JSP for festive time, having links or logic for some offers while other is vanila JSP page rendering response. I will demonstrate you how to achieve smooth transition in […]

Spring MVC 3 Tutorials [ An Introduction ]

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So what is Spring MVC ? Spring MVC is the web component of Spring’s framework apart from Spring WebFlow. Opposed to WebFlow which provides “flow” of the application MVC is more basic and robust implementation of MVC architecture. It provides a rapid development environment by easy integration with spring for enterprise applications. The flexible design […]

Understanding Blocks in Java

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Java provides several ways of instantiating objects / classes. One of the most interesting features being blocks. Java gives you an option to create two types of blocks – Initializer blocks Static blocks Initializer blocks popularly known as Instance initializers are used to do something when an Object is created. Simple program below demonstrates a […]