Coins! Good Bye & Thank You

After more than a year of providing robust, beautiful interface to manage and share your expenses, we have decided it is now time to say good bye to the service. We would be shutting down our servers on July 2nd. We had started the project as a way to have an application to manage our own expenses but as we looked at final project, we strongly felt it would be something very useful for the community.

Due to lack of Marketing, funds and other priorities we have decided to utilize our time and resources on other projects. We would have loved to carry on, but unfortunately we do not have resources (read Funds) to carry on.
We would really like to take this opportunity to thank you for trying out, loving and hating Coins application. The feedback (+ve and -ve) kept us going. We had lots of plans for the next few updates including reading expenses from SMS, weekly / monthly reports, UI and performance updates. A lot of this would never be deployed, but we might be releasing some of the components as open source. Nevertheless, this has been a great learning and even though we could not meet our final plans, we are still glad with what we have achieved with almost no funds and resources.
Finally, do not worry about your data, all your expenses, data stored on our services would be emailed to you on request by first week of July and we would not be storing or keeping any personal information. If you have any questions/concerns feel free to reach out to us via Email or checkout our blog. You may also choose to keep using Coins as it is designed to work completely offline, though there might not be support.

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