Manage your tweets with @cubestackbot

Managing your tweets and tweet lists

If you have read our previous blog post we had proudly announced our new tool this time around to manage your tweets.
To add more context on why would you might need such a tool:

  • There is too much information on Twitter
  • Tweets are not organized
  • You can create lists on twitter, but they are based on the users rather than tweets
  • There are times you stumble upon an awesome meme and want to send to someone
    • You may like it and walk through all likes to be frustrated 🙁
    • Reply to the meme tweet quoting @cubestackbot with #list meme 🙂

Tips and tricks:
To add a tweet to list meme, just reply to the tweet or quote it.

  • Include “@cubestackbot #list meme” to the reply for the tweet you want to add. (Example)
  • Quote the tweet and add “@cubestackbot #list meme” to the quoted text (Example)
  • Once tweet is added, bot would reply you with the URL to access your lists on web.
  • You can like (Fav) any of @cubestackbot replies to you and bot would delete the status, in case you prefer privacy / no history.
  • To get a random image tweet @cubestackbot #unsplash, this would generate random image as a reply to your tweet
  • To get an image for category, tweet “@cubestackbot #unsplash nature”, this would reply your tweet with random image for nature category.

*double quotes not required

What’s next

We are working on more awesome new features to make the bot more awesome:

  • Ability to mark your lists private (would require a PIN)
  • More tags to be supported
  • UI improvements

You can submit bugs/feature requests or any feedback to or tweet to us @cubestack.
You can also submit issues on our Git page

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